sire: Chanteur Pollada of Edelheim
dam: Chanteur Yukonchi of Edelheim

Edelheim Anua

* Junior Victrix 2003 and Best in Show (Grand Victor) at 18 months
Grand Victrix 2004 and 3 out of 4 Best in Speciality Shows (Grand Victor included)

At 18 months, she was the first Rottweiler in SA to be judged Junior Grand Victrix (JGV) as well as Best in Show (BIS) at the 2003 Grand Victor Show by specialist judge Terje Lindstrom of Norway. (Note that this was the most important 2003 show event for Rottweilers held by the Rottweiler Working and Breeding Association of Transvaal.

* Judged BIS at three of the four 2004 Rottweiler Specialist Shows:

- The Highveld Specialist Show – judge Mr. Jaco de Klerk (SA)
- Meridian Specialist Show – judge Herr Paul Fleige (Main breeding Chief of the ADRK – Germany)
- Grand Victor Show held by the Western Province Rottweiler Club – specialist judge Herr Hans-Jurgen Ratke (Germany).

* Judged Grand Victrix at the 2004 Grand Victor Show.

* Virtually unbeaten, 2003 and 2004 at all Rottweiler speciality shows – a rare feat for a bitch.

Critique by Herr Paul Fleige (Germany)
Large, strong bone with very good substance. Good proportions. Temperament friendly. Skull broad, dry with good stop. Muzzle broad and short, with sufficient fill. Ears correct size, correctly set and carried. Almond shaped, dark brown eyes. Tight eyelids. Somewhat open flews. Gums dark. Good length of neck, strong and dry. Chest very broad and deep with well sprung ribs. Front angulation correct with well set shoulders. Pasterns strong, feet straight. Toes well knuckled. Back straight with correct croup. Rear angulation very good. Close hocks. Coat correct length, coarse. Markings clearly defined, red brown in colour. Movement harmonious, excellent reach, excellent drive. Scissors bite. Grading: V

Through her first litter, has shown that she is a dominant bitch who breeds her type very well with Best Puppy in Show (at the 2004 Meridian Specialist Event) going to her son Edelheim Canto at 8 months.
Grading: V