sire: Ch Chanteur Dokai, YGV, GV
Mipret Britta of Edelheim

Burka (Edelheim Burka)

* Photo's taken at 3 years

As Puppy Critiques by Mr F. Beiboer (Netherlands)
Medium/large, strong boned with very good substance. Compact, powerful. Temperament friendly. Skull broad with very good stop. Muzzle bread, with good fill. Ears correct size, correctly set and carried. Almond shaped, dark brown eyes. Tight eyelids. Tight flews. Gums dark. Good length of neck, strong with slight dewlap. Chest bread and deep with well sprung ribs. Front angulation correct with well set shoulders. Pasterns strong, feet straight. Toes well knuckled. Back straight with correct croup. Tail carried correctly. Rear angulation very good. Strong hocks. Markings clearly defined, brown in colour Movement harmonious, excellent reach, exellent drive. Scissors bite.

Grading: VV1

As Junior Critique by Mr. T. Bezuidenhout (SA)
Seventeen month old medium to large in size, atentative, alert confident. Very well built, with substance, very good bone structure correct in body length. Strong head short broad muzzle very good stop, correct ears, correctly placed well carried, medium brown eyes, almond shaped, tight flews, dark pigmentation in flews adn gums. Powerful neck very well developed front end. Good depth of chest. Very good front shoulder angulation. Strong pasterns will well knuckled feet. Correct topline and croup. Powerful rear end with well formed thigh, very good angulation. Strong coat, well defined markings. Fluent in movement with very good reach and drive. Dentition complete.

Grading: SG1

As a 2 year old bitch Critique by Mr Dave Lower (SA)
Medium/large bitch, strong boned with good substance & powerful. Temperament friendly & self-assured. Skull is broad with good stop, muzzle is broad with sufficient fill. Ears are correct size, correctly set. Eyes almond shaped, brown. Gums with pinkflecking neck good length. Chest broad & deep. Front angulation correct, shoulders correctly set, pasterns strong. Back level, croup correct. Underline correct. Rear angulation very good, thigh good width, hocks strong. Coat correct length, course. Markings dark brown & well defined. Movement, front good reach, rear good drive, balanced. Scissor bite..

Grading: V1

Two years Critique by Mr Franx Schaaf (Netherlands)
Sissor bite, two years old, a very good size, good type, a strong female, very good top and bottom line, very well angulated, chest deep and broad, good bone, a little bit flat in front feet, nice head, correct lip pigmentation, ears well set, could be a laid a bit closer to the head, medium brown to brown eyes, a very good coat but on back a little bit wavy, markings could be better defined on fore chest, a very good mover with very good reach and drive..

Grading: V1

Pedigree of Edelheim Burka

CH Chanteur Dokai GV YGV BA HD10 V Chanteur Valnui HD00 Chanteru Oriman HD00
Chanteur Toi Raisa HD11

Chanteur Xecki BA HD00

Chanteur Jabask HD00
CH Chanteru Quansa YGVX V BA HD10
Mipret Britta of Edelheim HD00

CH Boss V.D. Runderkraal V BA HD00

Nobbi Vom Hegenebacher Landl HD-FREI SCHH III AD
Daisy V.D. Runderkraal

Donja VD Runderkraal HD00

Socrates V.D. Runderkraal HD TC
Hanny Vom Kannenbackerland IMP (DTSL) ADRK 77452 HD