Introduction to Edelheim Rottweilers

Backed by a MSc in genetics and a resultant clear understanding of the concept of heredity, we have been able to make scientifically based decisions on the right pairing of males and bitches. This, coupled to a lifelong love for the “Rottie”, forms the basis of our mission to breed good-looking and well-balanced dogs with strong characters that fit comfortably into the family environment. Correct temperament and workability tops the list of characteristics we aim for in our breeding program.

Our dogs are recognized for their incredible “ring-presence” which is manifested in their strong drive, developed in the right channels, unaccompanied by aggression.

The success we have achieved through careful breeding strategy is probably best measured by the show results we have achieved. We succeeded in breeding Rottweilers that combine good physical characteristics with wonderful temperament.

Tough as it was at the time, today we know we made the right decision to temporarily stop our breeding program in May 2007. We found it merely impossible to maintain our high standards and keep the balance as Rottie breeders and parents of our beloved sons, Christoff 5 and Charl 1 at that time.

A dear friend, our vet, Dr. Mariaan Vermooten, made it so much easier for us to return to the showring with a puppy she bought (Edelheim Varli, call name Izzy) between our imported male, Black von Hause Milsped and Mipret Mira of Edelheim, born 22 May 2007. At her show career debut she was awarded – Junior Grand Victrix 2009.

We look forward to sending balanced Rottie family members to caring homes allover the world.