sire: Chan Von Der Bleichstrasse HD00
CH Mipret Kelsy V BA HD00

Mira (Mipret Mira of Edelheim)

* Photo's 1& 2 taken at 19 months

* Photo's 3, 4 & 5 taken at 2 years

*Best Puppy when entered in Speciality Shows -2005 Grand Victor -2005 Meridian Show

As Puppy Critiques by Mr Frans Schaaf (Netherlands)
Scissor bite, very nice young female, very good type, very nice neck and backline, good top line, very good bottom line, good bone, good front, very good chest, could have more angulations in front, well angulated in rear, nice head but could have a little bit more stop, well set ears, very good mouth pimentation, brown eyes, very good coat and markings. movement with very good reach and drive. Very promising.

Grading: VP1

At 12 Months Critiques by Mrs. Pamela Bennet (SA)
21 months, medium sized, medium boned, good top and bottom line, good reach of neck, large ears sitting slightly high, good broad chest, broad muzzle, good angulation front and rear, good tight feet, dark brown eyes, moves well, correct coat, tight scissors bite.

* 21 Months Reserve best of breed - Judge by specialist - judge: Mrs Pamela Bennet (SA)
Grading: V1

Pedigree Mepret Mira of Edelheim

Chan Von Der Bleichstrasse HD00 Rick Von Burgthann Int. / SCHHWZ./OSTERR> LUX./VD HHD-FREI ED_FREI SCHH III AD BH IPO III Doc Von Der Teufelsbrucke Int.CH O-KS'95 HD-FREI SCHH III FH AD BH GEK.B
Hope Von Burgthann HD-FREI SCHHI BH

Quenda Von Der Bleichstrassa HD FREI SCHH III FH AD

Noris Vom Gruntenblick INT/DT. VDH-CH ES'93 KS'91'92 KJS HD+/- SCHH/VPG III FH AD BH IPO III
Bea Von Der Bleichstrasse HD FREI SCHH III FH AD
Ch Mipret Kelsy V BA HD00

Hero V.D. Runderkraal of Mipret (IMP NETH) HD00

Darko V.D. Runderkraal HD
Teska Van De Bollosossen "IMP" (BELG.) 765207 HD-A

Mipret MO BA HD00

Granda-Ganda V.D. Runderkraal HD00
Mipret Vicky HD00